• Infrastructure Engineering Design


    IEC provides engineering study, detailed design and construction supervision services for various types of infra-structures or utility structures.


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  • Energy / Renewable Energy


    -  Solar Farm Development
    - Wind Farm Design Development
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  • Geotechnical Engineering Tunnelling/Trenchless
    IEC provide geotechincal consultancy services (including feasibility study,detailed design and construction supervision) on following works.
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  • Building Design and Management


    IEC provides civil and structural design and management services for various types of building structures.


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  • Forensic Engineering / Structural Condition Assessment & Strengthening Design


    IEC utilizes advance technical knowledge, special testing equipments and advance numerical analysis together with experienced team to provide the following services.

        Strctural / Bridge / Building Condition Survey / Inspection and Mapping Defects
        Structural Capacity Evaluation and Structural Stability Assessment/Verification
        Non-Desstructive Testing Services
        - Ultra Pluse Sonic Velocity (UPV) Test for Integrity Assessment
        - Hammer Test for Concrete Strenghth Asessment
        - Ferro Scanning using Magnetic System or Ground Penetration Radar (GPR)
        - Half-cell Potential Measurements for Corrosion Assessment of Rebar in Concrete
        Loading Test
        - Slab Load Test
        - Bridge Load Test using Advance Bridge Diagnostice Instrument system
        Structural Capacity Strengthening Design
        Investigation of Building on Fire and Stability Assessment
        Investiation of Structures subjected to Vehicle (Truck,Ship Vessel)Crashing

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  • Geotechnical Instrumentation / Site Investigation


    IEC provides structural and geotechical instruments for monitoring behaviors or performance of various works such as earth embankment, sloping ground, deep excavation, and tunnel construction.


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  • Industrial Building / Plant

    IEC providesan engineering design of following.
    - Warehouse
    - Structural and civil works of industrialplant
    - Pipe line
    - Pipe rack
    - Tank farm
    - Third party for engineering verification

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  • Transportation Planning


    IEC provides
     - Traffic Engineering Study
     - Traffic Study and Management During Project Construction (including Traffic data
    collection,analysis,simulation and determine diversion plan or mitigation plan)
     - Permanent Traffic Study and Management of Bridge or Highway or Road Project
     - Traffic Circulation Simulation in Building and interfacing with traffic on Mainroad

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  • Construction Supervision


    IEC provides qualified team to supervise construction of
    - Earth works and slope stabilization Works
    - Foundation Works
    - Pipe Jacking and Tunneling Works
    - Building Construction
    - Structural Strengthening Works
    -Road/highway and bridge structure
    - Landfill

    Construction Supervision-Building
    Excavation and Basement Construction

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