LOCATION:   Eastern Nakorn Sawan Bypass(section between intersection of highway route 117 and 225) , Thailand


CLIENT:     Department of Highways through Asian Engineering Consultants Corp.,Ltd.


PERIOD OF SERVICES : September 2007 – Present


DESIGN FEE:            N/A


FINANCED BY:            N/A


ASSOCIATED FIRMS:    Asian Engineering Consultants Corp.,Ltd. (AEC)



Due to the policy of highway development plan to support of future communication and transportation system. To alleviatetraffic congestion as go through of Nakorn Sawan town, the highway bypass section between intersection of highway route 117 and 225, is beneficial to construction. Previously, the Department of Highway has been constructed East and North bypass road. Therefore, eastern line road is appropriate to be built to complete of ring network for future transportation service. International Consultants Engineering Co.,Ltd. was awarded to carry out the detailed engineering design of 4-lane highway. The typical scope of work consists of pavement, road embankment, bridge foundation and approach structure, side slope protection and drainage.









·         Detailed engineering design of road embankment and structural as including:

-       Flexible pavement

-       Embankment (maximum 7.0 m. height), side slope protection

-       Pile foundation for bridge

-       Approach structures, bearing units

·         Hydrological analysis using flood model, drainage design


·         Design drawings, specifications & calculations

·         Tender documents

·         Road Embankment

·         Flexible pavement

·         Hydrological analysis